Retirement Income Planning

We believe it is essential for those who are retired or nearing retirement to understand the best ways to navigate the complexities of planning and saving for retirement.

We work closely with our clients to educate them about the retirement investment options that give them the best chance to achieve their long-term financial goals. Our retirement financial planning services include strategies that can help you:

  • Prepare a sustainable investment plan that reduces overall portfolio risk and fluctuations in retirement income.
  • Generate sufficient returns to meet retirement needs
  • Establish renewable streams of income, while minimizing taxes
  • Implement retirement income strategies, with built-in flexibility to adapt to changing tax laws and market conditions
  • Maximize your Social Security retirement benefits

Although the growth-based financial strategies you used during your working years might have been effective in helping you grow your retirement savings, those same strategies can jeopardize your financial security in retirement.

That’s why many of the best retirement plans recommend that once you near retirement, you should gradually reduce your exposure to growth-based financial strategies that rely on stock market growth. Instead, it makes sense to focus on income-based strategies designed to help you preserve your savings, so you can use it as a renewable source of income. This is known as Investing for Income.

This doesn’t mean you can’t remain invested in the stock market once you near retirement. For those with the ability to endure some level of market risk, high dividend-paying stocks can be a viable way to enjoy the benefits of investing for income while still participating in the stock market.

The right dividend strategy can help you lower your stock market risk and give you a more practical way to invest in stocks as you approach or enter retirement. you are working with an Income Specialist who understand the best ways to help preserve your savings, so you can use it as a renewable source of income for retirement.

Retirement Income Planning Services


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